Ambient Temp
40 - 50°C
Supports Up To
5 Users
Working Radius
Up To 20mtrs
Vest Setpoint Range
4 - 15°C

CoolWorker® Chilled Work Vest System

The cooling system that circulates cold water inside the clothing

The CoolWorker® Chilled Work Vest System works by circulating chilled water through a vest that is worn under the workers outer layers.

The system uses potable water with no chemicals, and continuously recirculates the water to ensure that the temperature is kept constant, anywhere between 4-15 degrees, depending on what is required.

The only Heat Stress prevention method that has no limits, and doesn’t wet the wearer!

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Check Your Temperature
Forecast For Summer 2021/22

Median Maximum Temperature 01 Dec – 28 Feb
Chance of Exceeding Median Maximum Temp. 01 Dec – 28 Feb


CoolWorker® can help you prepare for summer with hotter than average temperatures forecast again for 2021/22.


Credit: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology



High performance for workplaces where
there is intense heat


The CoolWorker® System effectively cools workers that are subjected to high heat
situations, where cooling the surrounding area is not an option.



Chilled Work Vest System

The CoolWorker® Multi-Person Chiller has a 50 litre tank, enabling it to feed up to 5 vests simultaneously.

The feed and return hose that runs from the chiller to the vest is made out of a sturdy pipe wrapped in insulation and fire retardant material.

Available in lengths of 10 and 20 meters.

The chiller continuously monitors the temperature of the water and runs with no time limit, eliminating downtime and increasing worker comfort and productivity. No chemicals need to be added to the water, so there is no risk to the workers in the event of a leak or spill and the tank can be easily topped up from any potable water supply.

The unit is skid mounted, enabling it to be easily transported to any task on site.

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The CoolWorker® Chilled Work Vest System can also be installed with fixed delivery pipes around a workshop with flexible connection points, ideal for covering multiple locations at the same time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use this system for my Boiler markers?

    Yes, with a hose of up to 20 mtrs, it can be used when doing any type of hot works.

    Is the Chiller manufactured in Australia?

    Yes it is.

    Is the System mobile?

    Yes it has fork pockets for moving around and can also be trailer mounted.

    Is this system being used at the moment?

    Yes it is been used by mine sites in the Pilbara.

    Do you do site demos / trials?

    Yes we can visit site with a demo unit.

    Can you custom design and manufacture to suit our requirements?

    Yes we can custom build to suit any application.

    Is this used for preventing heat stress?

    Yes it is very effective in reducing the risk of heat Stress.

    Can you wash the vests?

    Yes the vests are machine washable, and just need to go in a laundry bag.

    Can you buy extra vests?

    Yes, vests can be bought individually at any time.